“The Moment Before The Moment”


“The Moment Before The Moment” – Artist Eesuu Orundide
Location: Sole Space – Oakland, CA
Inspiration: The winning moment of the historic 1968 race. Tommie Smith – No. 307 with pride crosses the finish line, hands in the air with the world watching Mexico City, Olympic Games. In this massive tribute artist Eesuu Orundide brings that very moment to life. The mural in iridescent, metallic green appears holographic. Mixing the originality of abstract, and contemporary imagery. Eesuu worked diligently with his team, to meet the deadline of Sole Space’s relaunch, and what better way to do so. Oasis Art Design’s creative director was along for the entire experience of being apart of Eesuu’s fantastic team. Follow his work online at www.Eesuu16.blogspot.com.

Author Kadesh Carter