10 Reasons To Hire A Concept Director

Concept directing aka consulting is a great way to get your brand moving in the direction you desire.

1. Brand Directing
If you are not sure exactly what you wish to do with your company as for as your image hiring a concept director can get you started and help guide you.

2. Helps Builds Character
What do you want your brand to say about your personal character? When a brand is relatable people tend to shop with that company and refer friends and family member to use the same services.

3. Community well being
Local businesses build community. By linking services to people who are local you are fueling your local economy. Learn just how to.

4. Take Control of Your Future
Understand how to make your schedule work for you with expertise guidance.

5. Artistic Imagery
The creative side of business may not be something that you are best at and with assistance you can reach a broader audience with great visuals

6. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is the opportunity to help fuel the local and national economy. Control important decisions regarding your business which can be fulfilling, and it can also be challenging. A consultant can ease that challenge.

7. Competition
The best way to ensure innovation is to know who is working on similar products and how to leverage your company. You may not have to time to do this so allow a professional to do the work.

8. Identify Problems
Sometimes when working on a business we are too close to identify what is exactly wrong and with an outside eye that can provide the extra set of eyes needed.

9. Learn The Benefits of Change
Not seeing growth with your company? You may need to make some changes and help making those changes can keep you from stressing.

10. Rebirth
Rebranding with confidence. Sometimes we want t keep doing the same thing because it is comfortable but with consultation you can be taught how to comfortable rebrand and keep your brand from being stagnant.

Contact Oasis Art Design to hire an expert consultant.

Services By OAD

  • Consulting
  • Concept Directing (Branding)
  • Public Relations /Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design



LATE NITE ART: heART is Oakland

Late Nite Art

As part of the heART is Oakland exhibition, we are hosting an exclusive evening with LATE NITE ART. This creative experience is intended for surviving friends and family members of the Ghost Ship fire. This event is free and is limited to 50 participants.

LATE NITE ART is an evening of collaborative art-making, curated music and facilitated dialogue to foster creative energy and thoughtful engagement. Come meet new friends,and get your hands dirty exploring some evocative emotions using art supplies. It’s a hard thing to describe…just trust us, it can be powerful. See the video http://lateniteart.com/about/.

LATE NITE ART is NOT an event for artists – you don’t need to be able to color within the lines or draw portraits of fruit bowls – you just need eyes, ears, and an open mind. Based in Oakland, since 2012 LATE NITE ART has given over 5,000 particpants an evening to remember.

heART is Oakland is a collaboration of FLAX art & design and We the Artists of the Bay Area (WABA). Both FLAX and WABA support Oakland’s creative community, with FLAX providing inspiration and materials for creativity, and WABA working for advocacy and public awareness for creativity.

For more see:

heART is Oakland, http://heartisoakland.org/

LATE NITE ART, http://lateniteart.com/

Classic Cars West, http://www.classiccarswest.com/

FLAX art & design, http://flaxart.com/oakland-store/

We the Artists of the Bay, http://artistsofthebay.org/

Sat, July 15, 2017
7:30 PM – 10:00 PM PDT


Classic Cars West
411 26th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Click here to register.

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Oasis Art Design is a consulting and directing company leading the concept-vision of business locations and creative enthusiasts. Consulting to improve and enhance. Complete curating for businesses with the elements of design.

Located in Oakland, working directly with entrepreneurs, artists, small businesses, and corporate companies locally, as well as in Atlanta, Zimbabwe, and Ghana.

Bringing expressive symbolism to life.


Ghost Ship: Remembrance, Grieving, and Healing Through Arts

By Kadesh Carter

On the Friday night of Dec 2th, 2016, many in Oakland were met with the shocking news that a space that was being served as a venue had been engulfed in flames, and many were unaccounted for. Upon hearing this people immediately turned to Facebook asking for a response from posting on friends and loved ones pages. Steady checking if messages were read, or responded to. Phone calls were made with the optimistic, yet frozen in time, hope that the person receiving the call was at different location for the night. It was the longest weekend in the history of the Oakland arts community.

Because of how the arts community in Oakland is shaped — both music and visual arts are intertwined and connected, attracting like minded individuals to this particular venue on this night. Locally there are people of various ages, ethnic backgrounds, art mediums, music genres who make up the artist community, therefore it was not clear of exactly who was apart of the missing when the news broke. Of the 36 who were killed that night it was astounding to many to learn how in some way, they were all connected in the art community.

Here in Oakland, art is what brings together people, and mends creative makers together. Making art a voice of many voices.

Upon hearing about the tragedy Howard Flax of the generational owned Bay Area art store Flax And Design, contacted a group that had been formed from the Ghost Ship tragedy by the name of We The Artists of the Bay Area to see what could be done to honor those who were not able to return home after a night of the enjoyment that is frequently shared by both artists and Oakland community members week after week.

Together Flax Art And Design and WABA has teamed up to produce the tribute art show “heArt Is Oakland” which will be held July 1st at Classic Cars West. Flax Art And Design providing art materials for the first registered 100 artist to create tribute artwork which will be sold in a silent auction for DIY artist spaces. A genuine gesture that has connected many, and created bonds in the process.

Though the media announced Ghost Ship as a rave site, many know that the conditions of this particular DIY artist space is not a reflection of all creative spaces within the city, and yet it’s uniqueness was still was one that brought people together for the appreciation of the arts.

Faced with immediate evictions from cautious landlords since the fire, many artists have been displaced as recent as the last 7 days. Families of loved ones lost are still seeking answers and are still overwhelmed with sadness. This is a time that many need something to feel safely connected to while rightly grieving. This is a time to express emotions of a shift that has forever changed Oakland arts

Oakland is a field of creative flowers that bloom through the cracks of cement despite Oakland being one of the most unaffordable places for artists to live, and create. Resulting in artists live work spaces, and venues that are created by artists for the arts.

Through it all, and through out time, the arts has always been a language that many speak. People coming together at a current time when racial tensions are high, learning how to ignore economic status differences, art driving city festivals, directing achritecture, artists turning street walls into canvases and influencing the world, it is the artists of this unique town who have helped shape to make Oakland, California as beautiful as it is. And this is why we as a city wide community, and global arts community must always remember Ghost Ship.

Community members who would like to remember those who were at Ghost Ship can do so by creating a piece for the July art exhibit. Rather you are a beginner or advanced artist all submissions are encouraged and welcomed.

To register as an artist for the “heArt Is Oakland” exhibition visit www.heartisoakland.org.

Artists and landlords seeking resources for managing creative/DIY safer spaces visit www.artistsofthebay.org/

How To Host A Successful Open Studio Event


Does this sound familiar?

You paid for and approved your listing in the East Bay Open Studio Guide. You spent $50 picking up wine and snacks for your guests. But by the close of the day, your only sale is a $30 print. And the majority of people who stopped by are your family and friends.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if instead:

  • You opened the door and welcomed dozens of past collectors
  • You created a memorable experience that visitors shared with their friends
  • You strengthened existing collector relationships and built new ones
  • The event paid your studio rent for the next few months

Join a panel of artists and marketers on May 20th. And walk away knowing tactics you can immediately put into place. So that this year can be your best Open Studios yet.

Best of all, these tactics don’t just apply to Open Studios! You’ll be able to use them anytime you host an in-person event: art fairs, group shows, street festivals, craft shows, and bazaars.

Our panelists will share:

  • How to tell the story of what makes you and your art unique
  • How to create a great art collecting experience for your visitors
  • How effectively distribute your postcards and printed materials
  • How to use email and social media to convince your audience to join you in-person
  • How to close the sale, without feeling sales-y
  • Their own Open Studios experiences, both good and bad

After our panel wraps, you’ll be able to join our panelists and your fellow artists for a reception.


10:00 am – 11:30 am: Panel Discussion

Confirmed Panelists: Corey Egan (Jeweler), Bobby Arte (Artist), Kadesh Carter (Oasis Art Design), Summer Romasco (Artist and Digital Marketer) and Sharon Schrank (Gap, Inc.)

11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Reception

To purchase tickets to this event click here.


Hosted by Oakland Art Murmur


COLLAB | March is Women’s Empowerment Month And We’re Celebrating

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, we have a great line up for COLLAB in addition to our usual networking entertainment mixer. Bring your best friend, colleague, or neighbor, and come celebrate with us in honor of Her.



Chamia LaRae
Audacious I Am
Ann-Marie Daniels

Oasis Art Design
All Attractive
Hathor Jewelry
Ne Ndoro Boutique
Beauty & Brains Tees
Empress Collections

Jayna Blackwell – Playlist

Special Guest:
Ms Glitter Nail Lounge

Live Painter

Live Makeover

Sponsored By:
Level 13, Oasis Art Design, Baykd Nation, Rip Star, All Attractive, Lotus Baseline Alliance, Ne Ndoro, Botanical Sorcerers Gallery

COLLAB @ Level 13 – Every First Friday!

First Friday Networking  |  3.3.2017  |  4 – 8PM  | Level 13 341 13th St Oakland
Music – Jamaican Food – Happy Hour – Mini Paint Sesh – Live Painting


Making Business Fun Again

Use The Hashtag: #COLLABnetwork

Collab March.jpg

COLLAB Icon.jpg

For vendor, entertainment, sponsor inquiries please email: OasisArtDesign@gmail.com

ISO-BRONZE Art Works of Nosa R. Okungbowa


Botanical Sorcerers Gallery

343 15th St Oakland CA 94612 Tel: 510-833-4755


Feb 1st Opening — 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
Feb 15th Artist Talk — 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join the Botanical Sorcerers Gallery this February as we present the works of Nosa R. Okungbowa. Grandson of the ancient Benin Bronze Caster (IDUIGUN or IGUN COURT). The gallery is thrilled to see the historic work passed down and recreated by the sculptor presented as the first show of the year. – The show also will be presented in honor of Black History Month.

Best Regards,



Nosa R. Okungbowa
Meet the Artist @ the Gallery on 15 February.

Curated by Oasis Art Design

Local Business · Oakland, California

Director/Consultant – Curating the #designXconcept of businesses and professional artists.





Art, Science and Culture collide at the Botanical Sorcerer’s Gallery / Botanical Sorcerers Maker Space.

Exhibitions, Workshops, Classes and Live Events:

Thursdays: “Revolution Collage” Art Classes

Also come see us on 1st-Fridays, 2nd-Saturdays, 3rd-Thursdays for great art and musical events on the 15th St. Webster & Harrison block.


Also on this month…

Come and learn about growing your own food on a Phytopod vertical gardening container or hydroponic system for your home, school or business. Maximum plant production on a minimal footprint for herbs, salad greens, strawberries and more Join Bay Area Phytopod Vertical Gardeners on Meetup.


Artists & Entrepreneurs Networking Social


COLLAB is an Artists & Entrepreneurs Networking Social for anyone interested in local artistry and small business growth. We are a growing group of local artists, galleries, small businesses, and tech start ups.

Creative Vision + Business Savvy = COLLAB

The #FirstFriday events feature: Artistry, Film, Live Music, Small Business Services, Food & Happy Hour.

Next Event:
Friday Nov 4th

4 PM – 8 PM

Level 13 Lounge
341 13th Street
Oakland, CA 94612



COLLAB @ Level 13 Oakland


Oakland/SF Bay Area where will you be next #FirstFriday? Check out COLLAB at Level 13 Oakland a mixer for local makers, art supporters, and entrepreneurs.

Artistry:: Creative style through art. Installations by local, and national artists.

Design:: Workshops + Vendors

Film:: Domestic & International Indie Films/Documentaries

Next session: Friday Oct 7th

Check out our schedule of Friday events here:

Oasis Art Design