End Of Summer 2017 Reflection

Be The Change That Sets You Free.

Focusing on bettering myself as a woman, and thereafter my business dreams automatically align.

I took an unwanted year off. Well kind of, this year I produced a tribute art show for the victims of the Ghost Ship tragedy, and became the board member of Artists United.

Two things that I can say I’m very proud of in my artistic career.

I’m ready for more, and this partial time off allowed a ton of growth.

Words Of Encouragement:
Be who you are with confidence.
Today is your day to thrive, shine, and believe in your reflection.
How you do one thing is how you do all things.
Holding your head up and knowing that life is a wonderful journey that YOU create will help guide you.
Just know…

Incase you are wondering @Cocoa.Nova is my personal Instagram page, feel free to follow me there for my life, and artistic journey.


Kadesh Carter
CEO, Oasis Art Design