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Cocoa Africana is a digital publication featuring women covering global Africana lifestyles, design, and eclectic cultures. A unique digital lookbook magazine capturing the beauty of believing in dreams, pursuing passions, and sharing that love with the world. The women featured are based in the Bay Area region of Northern California with various professional backgrounds combined with creativity being a part of their everyday worlds. Working within the surrounding cities of the area and travelling while enjoying the careers that they love.

Cocoa Africana is a woman of inspiration, ambition, with the desire to share her passion for artistry, design lifestyle, culture, beauty & entrepreneurship. We are excited to share our everyday lives with you. Bringing the contemporary digital world something that is totally fresh and has never been seen.

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ISO-BRONZE Art Works of Nosa R. Okungbowa


Botanical Sorcerers Gallery

343 15th St Oakland CA 94612 Tel: 510-833-4755


Feb 1st Opening — 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
Feb 15th Artist Talk — 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join the Botanical Sorcerers Gallery this February as we present the works of Nosa R. Okungbowa. Grandson of the ancient Benin Bronze Caster (IDUIGUN or IGUN COURT). The gallery is thrilled to see the historic work passed down and recreated by the sculptor presented as the first show of the year. – The show also will be presented in honor of Black History Month.

Best Regards,



Nosa R. Okungbowa
Meet the Artist @ the Gallery on 15 February.

Curated by Oasis Art Design

Local Business · Oakland, California

Director/Consultant – Curating the #designXconcept of businesses and professional artists.





Art, Science and Culture collide at the Botanical Sorcerer’s Gallery / Botanical Sorcerers Maker Space.

Exhibitions, Workshops, Classes and Live Events:

Thursdays: “Revolution Collage” Art Classes

Also come see us on 1st-Fridays, 2nd-Saturdays, 3rd-Thursdays for great art and musical events on the 15th St. Webster & Harrison block.


Also on this month…

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2016 & 2017 Colors of the Year


Image: Google – Graphic Design: Kadesh Carter/Oasis Art Design

“Chemistry grad student Andrew E. Smith wasn’t exactly expecting the art popularity that followed after the accidental discovery of a vivid, brilliant blue color YInMn Blue.”

By Kadesh Carter

The year 2016 color palette is almost over and 2017’s vibrancy is right around the corner. We are looking forward to the colors that will be used in assignments, new ideas that will be implemented by artists, old projects resurfacing, and the many inspirations to come. This year was a good one for the color spectrum with the discovery of a new blue shade introduced by science. Chemistry grad student Andrew E. Smith wasn’t exactly expecting the art popularity that followed after the accidental discovery of a vivid, brilliant blue color N. Quoted in NPR saying , “People have been looking for a good, durable blue color for a couple of centuries,” and we found this to be personally true at Oasis Art Design. Color is the purpose of art, as without, it would just be style that identified an artists work and not the vision. Color provides vision and voice. Color often goes unthought of critically because it’s such a big part of life. When taken seriously, its purpose is vastly understood.

“[An art] mission to find the imagined imaginable”

A year ago when hired to design a private home art studio gallery in Berkeley, CA, the owner, a previous client of Oasis Art Design for years, asked that we included a contrasting wall color of our choice. After looking at photos in the book “Egypt: 4000 Years Of Art”, which contains museum and private photos of works produced by architects and artists, the color that came to mind was a rich royal blue. The photos where that of well-preserved art, which if in a photo the works could look this beautiful, the colors had to be even more lively and bolder when it was originally designed. After visiting Home Depot in Emeryville, CA, and then Kelly Moore in Berkeley (additionally numerous of other commercial paint locations throughout the Bay Area that would follow), it was soon learned that this was a very special blue that was going to take a bit of research to find. With a deadline to complete the personal gallery, it was a determination not to leave the space just the mainly painted fresh white that it was. The black marble tile floor with its specs of grey and gold, and golden trimming accenting the room still needed more. It NEEDED that blue. During the mission to find the imagined imaginable, an artist  was discovered. The Liberian born artist Lina Iris Viktor, who, with a futuristic edge, paints elegant rich pigmented blue art. Her work was amazing to come across, immediately making her one of our creative directors newly found favorite artist of contemporary times. It was a confirmation that this blue that was sought at least had a sister, so she had to be out there somewhere.

Still searching after a month, our client ended up falling in love with the idea just as much as we were. Once it became a team mission between everyone involved, we searched swatch after swatch, luxury paints, and experimented with acrylic colors to see which fusion could come close to take with us to locations to see if it could be matched and made. A couple of locations tried but the color would be too dark of blue or plum purple, depending on how close the individual could get with our homemade color swatch provided. Unfortunately the color wasn’t coming soon enough and it was decided that a deep purple would be our contrasting wall color. Though our client didn’t mind, and says that it is his most admired room in his home, it wasn’t our dream color. But little did we know that the summer of 2016 our dreams would come true. So, thanks Andrew.



YInMn Blue


Out of the many colors that have been used on walls, canvas’, and various mediums it was gold paint that found its way to much of what we touched. From being used as the main medium (gold leaf) or color, gold was almost everywhere for us. Like blues, golds were also a part of the history of  Egyptian art – illustrated in paintings, sculpture, metalwork, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics. In 2016 many of our company based projects, and contracted work was complimented with the metallic medium. “The Kiss” painted by Australian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, is an intimate photo of the embracement of a man and woman with various gold patterns that appears to be on a hilltop where romantics can place themselves when looking at it and mirroring their own lives. Its indebtedness to art is not only our appreciation, but of many others worldwide, with expensive reproductions giving viewers just a taste of its dynamic beauty. Because the physical property of gold it does not corrode and became a symbol of immortality and power in ancient times which is still referenced today in fine art.



Golds were also a part of the history of  Egyptian art – illustrated in paintings, sculpture, metalwork, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics.




Greenery – 2017 Color of The Year

Pantone, founded in the modern days of art history in the year 1962, prides itself in being the first colour matching system. The system used today regularly by artists, graphic designers, ad agency’s, and reproduction companies, is a household name for many who find this system useful. Pantone Matching System (PMS) as it has been named. Since year 2000 the Pantone Color Institute with its intriguing way of holding secret meetings to discuss various nations color standards, has introduced to the world a “Color of the Year”. For the year 2016 the color was Rose Quartz And Serenity, which was a noticeable influence in the fashion industry spring of this year. Descried as “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings” and continued on being explained as “… a fresh and zesty” color on the Greenery release page on their website. Advising consumers to “take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorated”. Greenery before it’s awarded title has been a piece of our everyday lives, visually seen around the world in urban planning, lifestyle, and artistry. Thus making it a reminder of the peace, and calmness that it carries. Many also feel that this is a critical time in the contemporary world of  art, from its economic influence, the historic consideration of the way that it will be continued to be taught in educational institutions in the near future, to the major influence of art in the fluctuating tech boom. Consequently, greenery comes at a pivotal time being “A life affirming shade… a color snapshop of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of mood and attitude.”

Oasis Art 
Design Color of The Year 2016:



Painting By Kadesh Carter



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Article References:, //, Egypt: 4000 Years Of Art By Jaromir Malek


The Kiss (Lovers), oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907-1908 – Gustav Klimt 180 cm x 180 cm

Level 13 Installation: Spirit Vessels


Introducing Art & Design at Level 13

For the past two years Oasis Art Design has been the curator of Level 13 lounge located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, and we are thrilled to announce the exploration of creative works through various mediums every first Friday of the month. Level 13 is Oakland’s destination for live performances, venue event booking, and weekend nightlife satisfaction. The setting of the space makes for a large comfortable and beautiful space. Perfect for art. August will feature a sparkling, metallic installation of Spirit Vessels, sculptural textile work by Kelsey Leib.

Spirit Vessels
Opening: Aug 5th 4pm – 8pm
Installation: August 5th – 27th, 2016

341 13th st, Oakland, California 94612


Facebook invite:

Curated by Oasis Art Design an Oakland based creative directing firm. Join Oasis Art Design at Level 13 every First Friday 4pm to 8pm.


Call Her [The Future]: Grace Jones

Photo Credit: Oasis Art Design at the MoAD

In Review: The Grace Jones Project

By Kadesh Carter

Over the years I have been asked who was my favorite artist, and for many of those years I did not have an answer. Being a painter, I always told myself to appreciate the works of others, but for some reason I never gravitated towards anyone in particular. I never wanted to make works based on the thought of anyone else, and I never wanted to recreate the works of another artist. I know for some, this method is a form of flattery based on inspiration – which is a beautiful thing, but I always wanted to make my own way. Create from my imagination, no matter how different it may have seemed to be. Uniqueness is a quality right? So, it was I was watching “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy, and there she appeared, Strangé, beautiful and boldly herself. Now, I could tell there was more to this actress than lines from a script, so I dug deeper. Her name was one that I would be sure to remember.

Image courtesy of Google images.

Who? Grace Jones. Who? Grace Jones.

What better way to create than to create from the depths of your soul. She was Grace Jones. And she created from her soul without limitation. There are many who live in this world, but few who walk their own path without regret. Grace is definitely one of these humans. The influence of her work changed the art world in more ways than one. Music, fashion, performance, culture, and visual arts have all been mediums mastered. From the start of her public career her one of a kind approach has been purely amazing to see. Using color, bodily expression, and the freedom of art has made many attempt to duplicate what Grace originated. I had found my favorite artist and what she represented was what I wished to someday come close to.

a person or thing that makes or produces something.
synonyms: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer

Queen of Makers… Call Her The Future

In today’s time I would define her as the Queen of Makers. In past times I would have called her the future. The weekend had rolled around a couple of months ago, and the date destination was a trip from Oakland to San Francisco to the museum to an exhibit featuring Grace Jones and I was more than delighted. With the many shows that I have experienced at the Museum Of the African Diaspora, The Grace Jones Project is one that I will always remember. Curated by Nicole J. Caruth, everything about the show was astounding. Each art piece individually clearly projected the impact of Grace on the artist and their views of how she is art herself.

The Grace Jones Project is on display now – Sept. 18 at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. For more information please visit

Our World: Youth Fellows Exhibition

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Do You Remember How Creative You Were In School When You Had The Chance To Express Yourself And Exactly How You Felt?

By Kadesh Carter

Often times when we think of art shows, we know the featured artist by name, or we are drawn in by the style of the work. But, what about the kids? Do you remember how creative you were in school when you had the chance to express yourself and exactly how you felt? Though many schools have cut their arts programs there are still many within the city of Oakland that allow young students to explore their imagination. Tonight at Pro Arts gallery in Downtown Oakland, Fremont High, Oakland High, Oakland Unity, Skyline High, Lighthouse Community Charter, and Oakland Technical High had their reception for the collaborative show Our World: Youth Fellows Exhibition.

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Names such as El Chapo, Donald Trump, and reminders of familiar brands including Instagram were on display.

Guided by Fine Arts teacher Eesuu Orundide, Lighthouse Community Charter students were very proud to feature their works as they expressed. With the themes of fashion, political justice, teenage lifestyle, and youth empowerment, the works from each school displayed a wide eyed understanding of the vast world around them. Each piece captivated the viewer with the desire to know more about the artist, what was seen, and if there was even possibly a more hidden meaning. Names such as El Chapo, Donald Trump, and reminders of familiar brands including Instagram were on display. With the modern touch of models beautifully dressed, they stood in several locations of the gallery as mannequins, and to many passing by that is what they appeared to be.

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Art Imitates Life

With art flourishing around us, tonight Our World was a reminder of just that, this is our world (both young, and old). It is said that art imitates life, and the feelings of hope, frustration with the state of politics, and ambitions of preparing for future art shows was seen and heard all around. For these young teens this exhibit is the world from their eyes. Their maturity, boldness, and creativity is definitely light years ahead of their time, and it is very amazing to know that they represent the future of Oakland arts.

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The installation for this event will be up until April 26th, so if you are in the Downtown Oakland Area be sure to visit the gallery, and view this amazing show.