LATE NITE ART: heART is Oakland

Late Nite Art

As part of the heART is Oakland exhibition, we are hosting an exclusive evening with LATE NITE ART. This creative experience is intended for surviving friends and family members of the Ghost Ship fire. This event is free and is limited to 50 participants.

LATE NITE ART is an evening of collaborative art-making, curated music and facilitated dialogue to foster creative energy and thoughtful engagement. Come meet new friends,and get your hands dirty exploring some evocative emotions using art supplies. It’s a hard thing to describe…just trust us, it can be powerful. See the video

LATE NITE ART is NOT an event for artists – you don’t need to be able to color within the lines or draw portraits of fruit bowls – you just need eyes, ears, and an open mind. Based in Oakland, since 2012 LATE NITE ART has given over 5,000 particpants an evening to remember.

heART is Oakland is a collaboration of FLAX art & design and We the Artists of the Bay Area (WABA). Both FLAX and WABA support Oakland’s creative community, with FLAX providing inspiration and materials for creativity, and WABA working for advocacy and public awareness for creativity.

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heART is Oakland,


Classic Cars West,

FLAX art & design,

We the Artists of the Bay,

Sat, July 15, 2017
7:30 PM – 10:00 PM PDT


Classic Cars West
411 26th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

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heART Is Oakland – Tribute Art Show


Call for “heArt is Oakland”

Statement: Through art, there is community. Through tragedy, there is hope. Through hope, we can overcome. On December 2, 2016, Oakland experienced the tragic loss of 36 unique and creative souls in the devastating Ghost Ship fire. This city, rich in visual artists and musical talents from diverse backgrounds, has a creative community unlike any in the world. For many, local art & music provides an outlet for expression, freedom, and communication. We The Artists Of The Bay (WABA) and Flax Art & Design have teamed up to offer a community benefit art show- heArt is Oakland . “This is a call for heArt, which we define as works that speak to Oakland’s unique artistic soul”. Tyler Hanson
What: A benefit exhibition with the theme heArt is Oakland, which will serve as a tribute to the victims of the Ghost Ship fire, and a opportunity to lift up the art and artists that beat within the city’s heart.
Where and When: July 1-31, 2017 at Classic Cars West, 411 26th St., Oakland, CA 94612. This family-friendly venue will be open to the public Wednesday through Sunday each week during the show.
Why: Through art there is community. This will serve as a visual perspective and dialogue to continue the support of local artists, and the DIY spaces in which they live and work.
Benefit: All artworks submitted will be sold in a silent auction, which will be held open for the duration of the exhibition. All proceeds will support safe housing for artists. Bids for each piece will start at $50.
Eligibility: The show is limited to 100 participants. Any Bay Area resident of any age and art ability is welcome to participate. To remove any entry restrictions, Flax Art & Design is donating art supplies. It is the hope of WABA and FLAX to include all art submitted to the benefit art show. Depending on the scope of submissions, WABA & FLAX will be selecting art based on diversity of style and representation of the theme, heArt is Oakland. This will be a blind process based solely on choosing images that represent the meaning of heArt. Artists whose work is not installed in the show will be contacted for pick up. All art submitted will on display for the duration of the show and available for auction.
Registration Date: May 1 – May 31, 2017
Art Material Available at FLAX (Must register first): May 1 – May 31
Deadline to Drop Off Finished Pieces: June 25
Final Selection Process Ends: June 30
Event Dates (including Silent Auction): July 1 – July 31
Opening Reception: July 1
Deadline for Picking Up Unsold Artwork: August 6
Requirements for Size and Materials: To maximize the number of participating artists, the art is limited to two-dimensional works no larger than 18”x 24”. Artists may visit Flax to pick-up free art supplies to create their heArt is Oakland artwork, which includes either a stretched canvas or wood panel. FLAX will also distribute additional art materials that can be used to create pieces. Materials are limited and will be available on a first- come, first- served basis.

What is heArt Is Oakland?
heART Is Oakland is an open call for work by established and emerging artists who wish to pay tribute to the victims of the devastating Ghost Ship fire. This is a community call for heArt.
What is the reason for this event?
Our aim is to give Oakland artists an opportunity to honor the spirit and celebrate the lives of those lost in the warehouse fire,. We hope to shift the attention to Oakland’s treasures, its artists and their works, and let their works provide meaning to the community.
Who can participate in the art show?
Anyone of any age. This is a community art show for new, beginning, and continuing artists.
Who is WABA?
We the Artists of the Bay Area (WABA) is an inclusive organization of artists, tenants, and community activists dedicated to working with city officials to ensure safe, long-term spaces for the creative community in Oakland, the larger Bay Area, and throughout the United States. WABA was formed in response to the Ghost Ship tragedy that occurred on December 2, 2016, and has quickly become one of the largest self-organized coalitions for members of the creative community in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Who is Flax Art & Design?
As the Bay Area’s oldest and well-loved retail art supply business, Flax has been serving the creative community since 1938. A family-owned and operated business that returned to Oakland last year (there was a store on Telegraph in the 1950s), FLAX has a long history of supporting artists and the arts community. FLAX is located at 1501 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
Where will the funds from the art show go?
  • Vital Arts
This show is being produced by Kulturehaus & Oasis Art Design


ISO-BRONZE Art Works of Nosa R. Okungbowa


Botanical Sorcerers Gallery

343 15th St Oakland CA 94612 Tel: 510-833-4755


Feb 1st Opening — 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
Feb 15th Artist Talk — 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join the Botanical Sorcerers Gallery this February as we present the works of Nosa R. Okungbowa. Grandson of the ancient Benin Bronze Caster (IDUIGUN or IGUN COURT). The gallery is thrilled to see the historic work passed down and recreated by the sculptor presented as the first show of the year. – The show also will be presented in honor of Black History Month.

Best Regards,



Nosa R. Okungbowa
Meet the Artist @ the Gallery on 15 February.

Curated by Oasis Art Design

Local Business · Oakland, California

Director/Consultant – Curating the #designXconcept of businesses and professional artists.





Art, Science and Culture collide at the Botanical Sorcerer’s Gallery / Botanical Sorcerers Maker Space.

Exhibitions, Workshops, Classes and Live Events:

Thursdays: “Revolution Collage” Art Classes

Also come see us on 1st-Fridays, 2nd-Saturdays, 3rd-Thursdays for great art and musical events on the 15th St. Webster & Harrison block.


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Come and learn about growing your own food on a Phytopod vertical gardening container or hydroponic system for your home, school or business. Maximum plant production on a minimal footprint for herbs, salad greens, strawberries and more Join Bay Area Phytopod Vertical Gardeners on Meetup.

Artists & Entrepreneurs Networking Social


COLLAB is an Artists & Entrepreneurs Networking Social for anyone interested in local artistry and small business growth. We are a growing group of local artists, galleries, small businesses, and tech start ups.

Creative Vision + Business Savvy = COLLAB

The #FirstFriday events feature: Artistry, Film, Live Music, Small Business Services, Food & Happy Hour.

Next Event:
Friday Nov 4th

4 PM – 8 PM

Level 13 Lounge
341 13th Street
Oakland, CA 94612



Level 13 Installation: Spirit Vessels


Introducing Art & Design at Level 13

For the past two years Oasis Art Design has been the curator of Level 13 lounge located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, and we are thrilled to announce the exploration of creative works through various mediums every first Friday of the month. Level 13 is Oakland’s destination for live performances, venue event booking, and weekend nightlife satisfaction. The setting of the space makes for a large comfortable and beautiful space. Perfect for art. August will feature a sparkling, metallic installation of Spirit Vessels, sculptural textile work by Kelsey Leib.

Spirit Vessels
Opening: Aug 5th 4pm – 8pm
Installation: August 5th – 27th, 2016

341 13th st, Oakland, California 94612


Facebook invite:

Curated by Oasis Art Design an Oakland based creative directing firm. Join Oasis Art Design at Level 13 every First Friday 4pm to 8pm.


Call Her [The Future]: Grace Jones

Photo Credit: Oasis Art Design at the MoAD

In Review: The Grace Jones Project

By Kadesh Carter

Over the years I have been asked who was my favorite artist, and for many of those years I did not have an answer. Being a painter, I always told myself to appreciate the works of others, but for some reason I never gravitated towards anyone in particular. I never wanted to make works based on the thought of anyone else, and I never wanted to recreate the works of another artist. I know for some, this method is a form of flattery based on inspiration – which is a beautiful thing, but I always wanted to make my own way. Create from my imagination, no matter how different it may have seemed to be. Uniqueness is a quality right? So, it was I was watching “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy, and there she appeared, Strangé, beautiful and boldly herself. Now, I could tell there was more to this actress than lines from a script, so I dug deeper. Her name was one that I would be sure to remember.

Image courtesy of Google images.

Who? Grace Jones. Who? Grace Jones.

What better way to create than to create from the depths of your soul. She was Grace Jones. And she created from her soul without limitation. There are many who live in this world, but few who walk their own path without regret. Grace is definitely one of these humans. The influence of her work changed the art world in more ways than one. Music, fashion, performance, culture, and visual arts have all been mediums mastered. From the start of her public career her one of a kind approach has been purely amazing to see. Using color, bodily expression, and the freedom of art has made many attempt to duplicate what Grace originated. I had found my favorite artist and what she represented was what I wished to someday come close to.

a person or thing that makes or produces something.
synonyms: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer

Queen of Makers… Call Her The Future

In today’s time I would define her as the Queen of Makers. In past times I would have called her the future. The weekend had rolled around a couple of months ago, and the date destination was a trip from Oakland to San Francisco to the museum to an exhibit featuring Grace Jones and I was more than delighted. With the many shows that I have experienced at the Museum Of the African Diaspora, The Grace Jones Project is one that I will always remember. Curated by Nicole J. Caruth, everything about the show was astounding. Each art piece individually clearly projected the impact of Grace on the artist and their views of how she is art herself.

The Grace Jones Project is on display now – Sept. 18 at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. For more information please visit

Women’s Arts Alive & Thriving In Oakland

Women In The Arts was a collaboration event put together by Oasis Art Design & Nicolas Gonzalez Medina. Featuring local visual artists, performers, designers, and gourmet food makers.

By Kadesh Carter

It was a great night with beautiful energy, and a creative focus. Held at SoleSpace shoe boutique, and artist lab, we were able to gather some of Oakland, California’s absolute best in one room. Time has a way of displaying hard work, and it was obvious that every woman who was featured believes in their passions. With the strength of self preservation in a time that the art fate in Oakland is unknown, it was a great feeling to experience what is really the soul of the city. People of different communities generously sharing their time with women they believe in.

In planning this event Nico – Nicholas, shared his experience in working at SoleSpace, the art events that he has been apart of and how that inspired the theme of the event with Oasis Art Design. March is Women’s History Month, spring weather was around, and both curators had the time available to put together a tribute to the women who paved the way, those living now, and future generations to come. This meant thinking about how to bring together a room with different genres, cultural backgrounds, and individual styles.

Often times in the world of local art we navigate to our individual taste of talent without knowing about other creators around town. How could we help to let the community know about  different women in the arts in their town? How could we expand networking amongst artists? How could we visually make a space so that everyone felt welcome? These were the questions that gathered our first planning draft.

After curating the visual artists with review of CV’s and community showing history, the performers were desired to display women’s unity, and the maker’s were to be of different international backgrounds. Empowering women empowerment.

We appreciate the warmth, love, and openness of everyone who attended.

It was great that so many people came out, and also that people shared the event on social media, text, and email. In a short few weeks, we hoped to reach as many people as we could and invite them out. We appreciate the warmth, love, and openness of everyone who attended. We were asked, “Whens the next?” and “Is this going to be monthly?” which made us feel great. We appreciate the support, and the feedback, and we look forward to the future.

This event was presented by Nicolas Gonzalez Medina, Oasis Art Design, Snow Angel, Chhoti Maa, Susa Cortez, AprilMay Jewelry, Hathor Jewelry, Sweet Aries Vegan Treats, Sharpe Cookie GH, beats by DJ Deijty, and other great women in the Oakland arts. To see the entire list of performers, visual artists, and makers view our event invite.

Thank You Everyone!

Art Show & Event: Women In The Arts


National Women’s History Month
Women’s Education—Women’s Empowerment

Honoring and continuing to celebrate Her.


We are pleased to gather a collaboration of visual artists, live performers, designers, and craft food makers under one roof for a night of being empowered by women who share common stories. Creating a space of enjoyment and continuous growth.

We encourage you to join us for this open engagement event.

Date: March 26th, 2016
Time: 7pm – 10pm
1714 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612



Oasis Art Design