Call Her [The Future]: Grace Jones

Photo Credit: Oasis Art Design at the MoAD

In Review: The Grace Jones Project

By Kadesh Carter

Over the years I have been asked who was my favorite artist, and for many of those years I did not have an answer. Being a painter, I always told myself to appreciate the works of others, but for some reason I never gravitated towards anyone in particular. I never wanted to make works based on the thought of anyone else, and I never wanted to recreate the works of another artist. I know for some, this method is a form of flattery based on inspiration – which is a beautiful thing, but I always wanted to make my own way. Create from my imagination, no matter how different it may have seemed to be. Uniqueness is a quality right? So, it was I was watching “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy, and there she appeared, Strangé, beautiful and boldly herself. Now, I could tell there was more to this actress than lines from a script, so I dug deeper. Her name was one that I would be sure to remember.

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Who? Grace Jones. Who? Grace Jones.

What better way to create than to create from the depths of your soul. She was Grace Jones. And she created from her soul without limitation. There are many who live in this world, but few who walk their own path without regret. Grace is definitely one of these humans. The influence of her work changed the art world in more ways than one. Music, fashion, performance, culture, and visual arts have all been mediums mastered. From the start of her public career her one of a kind approach has been purely amazing to see. Using color, bodily expression, and the freedom of art has made many attempt to duplicate what Grace originated. I had found my favorite artist and what she represented was what I wished to someday come close to.

a person or thing that makes or produces something.
synonyms: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer

Queen of Makers… Call Her The Future

In today’s time I would define her as the Queen of Makers. In past times I would have called her the future. The weekend had rolled around a couple of months ago, and the date destination was a trip from Oakland to San Francisco to the museum to an exhibit featuring Grace Jones and I was more than delighted. With the many shows that I have experienced at the Museum Of the African Diaspora, The Grace Jones Project is one that I will always remember. Curated by Nicole J. Caruth, everything about the show was astounding. Each art piece individually clearly projected the impact of Grace on the artist and their views of how she is art herself.

The Grace Jones Project is on display now – Sept. 18 at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. For more information please visit