Spring Cleaning: Design & Space


By Kadesh Carter

A Fresh New Start.

Its’s the middle of April, the perfect time to review your office, studio, or home space and make your design layout ready for the next season. Spring cleaning for some is preparing for a fresh new start, usually the week before, or on the first day of spring. Sometimes not all of us are able to remember, or have the time to stop, and clean right when spring starts. Since its now getting closer to the middle of spring, it may be easier to slowly review your space and see what can be cleaned, removed, added to, or replaced.

As things get shifted around, it opens our eyes to imagine new ways to decorate.

Sometimes we get comfortable with the layout of our work/home space, and we don’t explore the possibilities of moving a desk to a corner with more light, helping to create a better work environment. As things get shifted around, it opens our eyes to imagine new ways to decorate. The design layout of where you spend time should be well curated, with a visual goal to make yourself, guests, and clients feel as though they are in a personal gallery, museum, or boutique. Whats your personal style and how does the art, furniture, fixtures, and sculptures display your unique personality?

Interior Style In The Bay Area

We all have that one home, especially living here in the Bay Area, that we have visited, where we walked in and it looked perfectly put together, and was a great artistic reflection of the occupant. Office spaces with the same statuses, where one walks into the perfect color blocking designs of black and white, with various spread apart pieces being Pantone colors; Diva Pink, XG Green C, and Yellow U. Appearing to have the same look and feel as a boutique in London, New York, Los Angeles, or Santa Row. Able to fuction for lovers of technology, and modern art.

Industrial Architecture + Design

Our current favorite look is industrial (chic) rustic designs, it works for homes, studios, and offices where less means more. It’s a unique way to combine the first original furniture designs with modern contemporary art. Recently while in Jack London Square, it was a reminder of why the industrial architecture in that area has been a favorite for many over the years. The interior spaces that Oasis Art Design has worked with in this area have been condos, and work spaces where it was seen that industrial design styles would be the perfect fit. Rusted metals, woods, and environment materials together creates a one of a kind innovative look and feel.

Have you thought about how you would like your space to work for you this coming summer? Start now with cleaning, adding a fresh new coat of paint, adjusting artificial lighting, moving art to different area’s. Don’t feel that this all has to be done in a day. Move at your own pace, so that when the middle of spring is actually here, you will already be set for summer.

10 Spring Cleaning Design Tips:
1. Take down art to dust, and dust surrounding areas
2. If you don’t love it, upgrade it
3. Think of a color scheme or theme
4. Work on one room at a time
5. Repaint, or replace furniture
6. Clean windows
7. Paint walls a fresh new coat or color
8. Move sculptures to a new area
9. Make future purchases based on the future desired design layout
10. Think design + comfort + function

Good luck!

Questions about how to design your space to be more functional, and lively? Email us!



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