Women’s Arts Alive & Thriving In Oakland

Women In The Arts was a collaboration event put together by Oasis Art Design & Nicolas Gonzalez Medina. Featuring local visual artists, performers, designers, and gourmet food makers.

By Kadesh Carter

It was a great night with beautiful energy, and a creative focus. Held at SoleSpace shoe boutique, and artist lab, we were able to gather some of Oakland, California’s absolute best in one room. Time has a way of displaying hard work, and it was obvious that every woman who was featured believes in their passions. With the strength of self preservation in a time that the art fate in Oakland is unknown, it was a great feeling to experience what is really the soul of the city. People of different communities generously sharing their time with women they believe in.

In planning this event Nico – Nicholas, shared his experience in working at SoleSpace, the art events that he has been apart of and how that inspired the theme of the event with Oasis Art Design. March is Women’s History Month, spring weather was around, and both curators had the time available to put together a tribute to the women who paved the way, those living now, and future generations to come. This meant thinking about how to bring together a room with different genres, cultural backgrounds, and individual styles.

Often times in the world of local art we navigate to our individual taste of talent without knowing about other creators around town. How could we help to let the community know about  different women in the arts in their town? How could we expand networking amongst artists? How could we visually make a space so that everyone felt welcome? These were the questions that gathered our first planning draft.

After curating the visual artists with review of CV’s and community showing history, the performers were desired to display women’s unity, and the maker’s were to be of different international backgrounds. Empowering women empowerment.

We appreciate the warmth, love, and openness of everyone who attended.

It was great that so many people came out, and also that people shared the event on social media, text, and email. In a short few weeks, we hoped to reach as many people as we could and invite them out. We appreciate the warmth, love, and openness of everyone who attended. We were asked, “Whens the next?” and “Is this going to be monthly?” which made us feel great. We appreciate the support, and the feedback, and we look forward to the future.

This event was presented by Nicolas Gonzalez Medina, Oasis Art Design, Snow Angel, Chhoti Maa, Susa Cortez, AprilMay Jewelry, Hathor Jewelry, Sweet Aries Vegan Treats, Sharpe Cookie GH, beats by DJ Deijty, and other great women in the Oakland arts. To see the entire list of performers, visual artists, and makers view our event invite.

Thank You Everyone!


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