Why Your Entrepreneurship is Perfect for Co-Working — Percolator Workspace


Modern, Professional, Down to Earth Co-working Space.

Written By Kadesh Carter

In the heart of downtown Oakland, Percolator exists to bring together a collaboration of techies, media creatives (photographers, videographers), and physical artists. Our open co-working space is a universe within its self that thrives based on personal experiences, hard work, the desire to be imaginative, and need live in the moment. When looking for a positive open space to bring forth your very best work ethic it is important that the culture speaks to you. A place that percolates. With or without the coffee. That us. Your modern, professional, down to earth co-working space.

Over time the word co-working has evolved from the meaning of team, to the more familiar term; Environment. It is most ideal to imagine a really awesome career to wake up, and go to day after day. After we graduate from college, and/or enter the workforce world that dream becomes an illusion far too often. What if a space existed where you just vibed? Good ol’ good vibes. Where you set your own schedule, came in when you wanted to and got the inside scope from various people who believed in their passions just like you do. We create our realities and its optional to work in a space that you love, or one where you watched the clock as 4:55 pm seems like the longest hour until 5:00 pm.

Cultivating empowerment based on the value of networking has made its place with us, you will meet neighbors who make you feel right at home. Community is what connects the dots to growing as an individual, and in future endeavors. Develop yourself and find your comfort zone easily.

With the Key Elements of Functionality and Productivity Being Actively Understood.

Enjoy your work day because it’s a major part of your overall work life. Percolator community is a space built for new perspectives when it comes to the different choices the new found office life. With the key elements of functionality and productivity being actively understood. Start a new business adventure, or even catch up on an old one. We are sure that you’ll be inspired as a developer, designer, or writer. Become a member or drop in.


Originally published at www.percolator.ws on February 25, 2016.


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