Logo Design: Curating First Impressions


 By Kadesh Carter

The First Impression Is Always The Best Impression.

Have you ever noticed a logo and immediately remembered the company or brand? When this occurs it feels as though the image was speaking to you visually. Top Fortune 500 companies, and starting entrepreneurs both alike know that people need to recognize a company from anyplace in the world. When hosting events, sponsoring, creating storefront signage, and most importantly marketing, a superbly designed logo is necessary.

What is the value of having a logo? In business marketing a logo is your graphic mascot, and representation. Children as toddlers remember logos and associate them with their favorite toy brands, as adults when shopping for everyday items we tend to know the items we are looking for by how they look.

Advertising in business communications has a certain etiquette. With this being so companies that are inclined to follow certain rules of branding are more successful. Attracting your market is and always will be step number 1. How does a company attract the right people? With a logo that sells.

Brand Identity
Diversity in a world streaming with countless companies is what makes you stand out. Your companies physique and personality speaks volumes when searched for and found. Logos build a relationship identifying who you are to your target market.

After fulfilling the dream of starting a new company, goals are set to let the world know that you particular company exist. With a logo that points clients in the right direction your business-customer relationship has started. A company that looks good builds trust, when trust is formed purchases are made.

Here at Oasis Art Design we know that the art of design is what fuels any market. Our logo package includes:

  • Professional JPEG Images
  • Two Options
  • One Revision

Contact us today, and let us curate your first impression.

510.600.9805 – OasisArtDesign@gmail.com



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