Walking On Air And Creating Without Boundaries


 By Kadesh Carter

Art Belongs To The Artist And Is Meant To Be Shared With The World… To Be Expressed Without Any Second Thoughts.

I was told to do something daring by two people this week. Therefore, I decided to walk on air. One person, whom I have known for ten years, and the other who I haven’t known a year, but his understanding of me feels like a lifetime. When it comes to the creative process, the impossible has to be the least important thought. No time for thinking about what could possibly hold you back from being your most creative self. When we take a selfie, or if you have ever taken one, that person is you. You have created the pose, posture, and facial emotion to express to the world, “Here I am.” Rather that image is signifying boldness, strength, or self love – it’s you. Creating without boundaries has been a great challenge that I have recognized that I can win. It is the total need to overcome any self proclaimed fears. Art belongs to the artist and is meant to be shared with the world. It is to be expressed without any second thoughts.

Owning and valuing the imagined creative thought is one small step for the artist, and an exponential leap for mankind. When looking at a wall, and considering if there will be a permanent installation, or a removable one, that thought must be acted upon. Immediately. Sanding, or painting must begin. Business growth as both an artist, and creative director was birthed from proceeding with the process. Now, everything takes steps to complete, but if something isn’t started, how will it ever be finished? Think of it this way; what if you could have yellow, and purple bedroom colors painted? You can. Your local home improvement store, paint shop, or interior decorator are great resources to make your living room, kitchen or bedroom color scheme dreams come true.

Completing The  Action Because You Believe In The Outcome

Within all of us there is something that we do best. What we are good at tends to reflect on our job, or in personal hobbies. I am good at looking at a spaces and visualizing what will bring it alive. This grew from thought of, “Hmmm, I wonder what a large black painting would look like on that wall.” To, the action of creating the art work and installing it in a space curated by Oasis Art Design. See the difference? One is talking about my actions to myself, and the other is going about completing my actions because I believed in the outcome.

Take Control Of Contrasting Conflictions

Taking a leap of faith, in curiosity, is using what you know and demonstrating that visually which builds confidence. It changes how you maneuver in your life course. “You do or you don’t. You will or you won’t.” A saying that can be applied to the art world and feed the souls of the many paintbrush holders out there staring at a blank canvas. Are you one? You don’t have to be. Go ahead, walk a little faster, skip, jump and take control of the contrasting conflictions that are keeping the colors from flowing freely.

Ok, so I didn’t actually walk on air but it has been a personal and business choice to explore the depths of creative directing to its fullest. And in doing so it has been recognized in my work that I have chosen to be my best self artistically. Despite any social, economic, or regional reasons that have declared art as not being an importance. Art and design is what puts rooms on a blueprint, tile patterns on walls, gallery appearances together, and makes the feng shui in your home the sweetest place you’d like to be.


Why Your Entrepreneurship is Perfect for Co-Working — Percolator Workspace


Modern, Professional, Down to Earth Co-working Space.

Written By Kadesh Carter

In the heart of downtown Oakland, Percolator exists to bring together a collaboration of techies, media creatives (photographers, videographers), and physical artists. Our open co-working space is a universe within its self that thrives based on personal experiences, hard work, the desire to be imaginative, and need live in the moment. When looking for a positive open space to bring forth your very best work ethic it is important that the culture speaks to you. A place that percolates. With or without the coffee. That us. Your modern, professional, down to earth co-working space.

Over time the word co-working has evolved from the meaning of team, to the more familiar term; Environment. It is most ideal to imagine a really awesome career to wake up, and go to day after day. After we graduate from college, and/or enter the workforce world that dream becomes an illusion far too often. What if a space existed where you just vibed? Good ol’ good vibes. Where you set your own schedule, came in when you wanted to and got the inside scope from various people who believed in their passions just like you do. We create our realities and its optional to work in a space that you love, or one where you watched the clock as 4:55 pm seems like the longest hour until 5:00 pm.

Cultivating empowerment based on the value of networking has made its place with us, you will meet neighbors who make you feel right at home. Community is what connects the dots to growing as an individual, and in future endeavors. Develop yourself and find your comfort zone easily.

With the Key Elements of Functionality and Productivity Being Actively Understood.

Enjoy your work day because it’s a major part of your overall work life. Percolator community is a space built for new perspectives when it comes to the different choices the new found office life. With the key elements of functionality and productivity being actively understood. Start a new business adventure, or even catch up on an old one. We are sure that you’ll be inspired as a developer, designer, or writer. Become a member or drop in.


Originally published at www.percolator.ws on February 25, 2016.

Red Rouge: Epoxy Flooring


By Kadesh Carter

Protect your residential, or commercial garage floor from a boring cement look.

Coating a cement floor is a tough job, but a great upgrade for any location looking for an all around finished touch. A colored, shiny, epoxy floor coat is premier floor varnishing. The durability of a floor is the first thing homeowners, and contractors think of when deciding to cover a floor with linoleum, wood, tile, or paint. How long will this job last? Oasis Art Design loves loyal customers, and satisfaction is a goal that we must meet with each job so that you’ll return. Protect your residential, or commercial garage floor from a boring cement look. Both in style, and in professionalism, the material properties that make epoxy floor coating will have you wishing that you remodeled even sooner.

For a large 1300 square foot job we inspected, and then prepared the floor thoroughly before giving the space a look of royalty in red. The customer specifically selected this color due to cultural beliefs of red meaning happiness, and good luck. What a great combination, one would think. Whatever your favorite color is, or the design theme desired, it is achievable. Make it personal when it comes to having your remodel completed. Your vision is our vision.

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Logo Design: Curating First Impressions


 By Kadesh Carter

The First Impression Is Always The Best Impression.

Have you ever noticed a logo and immediately remembered the company or brand? When this occurs it feels as though the image was speaking to you visually. Top Fortune 500 companies, and starting entrepreneurs both alike know that people need to recognize a company from anyplace in the world. When hosting events, sponsoring, creating storefront signage, and most importantly marketing, a superbly designed logo is necessary.

What is the value of having a logo? In business marketing a logo is your graphic mascot, and representation. Children as toddlers remember logos and associate them with their favorite toy brands, as adults when shopping for everyday items we tend to know the items we are looking for by how they look.

Advertising in business communications has a certain etiquette. With this being so companies that are inclined to follow certain rules of branding are more successful. Attracting your market is and always will be step number 1. How does a company attract the right people? With a logo that sells.

Brand Identity
Diversity in a world streaming with countless companies is what makes you stand out. Your companies physique and personality speaks volumes when searched for and found. Logos build a relationship identifying who you are to your target market.

After fulfilling the dream of starting a new company, goals are set to let the world know that you particular company exist. With a logo that points clients in the right direction your business-customer relationship has started. A company that looks good builds trust, when trust is formed purchases are made.

Here at Oasis Art Design we know that the art of design is what fuels any market. Our logo package includes:

  • Professional JPEG Images
  • Two Options
  • One Revision

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“The Moment Before The Moment”


“The Moment Before The Moment” – Artist Eesuu Orundide
Location: Sole Space – Oakland, CA
Inspiration: The winning moment of the historic 1968 race. Tommie Smith – No. 307 with pride crosses the finish line, hands in the air with the world watching Mexico City, Olympic Games. In this massive tribute artist Eesuu Orundide brings that very moment to life. The mural in iridescent, metallic green appears holographic. Mixing the originality of abstract, and contemporary imagery. Eesuu worked diligently with his team, to meet the deadline of Sole Space’s relaunch, and what better way to do so. Oasis Art Design’s creative director was along for the entire experience of being apart of Eesuu’s fantastic team. Follow his work online at www.Eesuu16.blogspot.com.

Author Kadesh Carter